About Logos Christian School

Logos Christian School is situated in Nairobi, Kenya. Currently, there is a kindergarten and a primary school on two separate campuses. The kindergarten is situated in the quiet neighbourhood of Kilimani, along Chaka Road near Yaya Centre, while the primary school is situated on Kolobot Drive off Arboretum Drive.

Logos Christian School is a ministry of the Nairobi Chapel. It was established to provide an alternative education in response to the growing need for a genuine, Bible-based Christian Education. The school started in September 2002 as a kindergarten and progressively grew to include a primary school.

The school provides a nurturing and Biblically based learning environment in which children develop their abilities, and are equipped for effective, God glorifying lives.

Our aim is to provide distinctively Christian education for children in Nairobi and its environs. We partner with the church and the home in providing holistic education to our children. The education offered is God-centred, aiming at helping children to grow spiritually, physically, socially and mentally. All learning is founded upon Christian principles with the objective of helping the children develop a Biblical perspective to all of life.

The school motto is "Educating for Life and Eternity". This is the main guiding principle. The key elements of this motto are:

Educating For This Life
The central purpose of a good solid education is to prepare the students for this life. This includes leading them to a faith in Jesus Christ, instilling Christian values, assisting them in the acquisition of knowledge that will enable them to be responsible, contributing, upright members of society, giving them practical skills for a career, and enabling them to manage those areas of life that are considered "personal" and outside the realm of traditional schooling (e.g. values in marriage, etc).

Educating With Eternity in Mind
An education that only prepares one for this life, and does not take into account the fact of life after death, is severely deficient, for the Lord Jesus said in Luke 9:25, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose of forfeit his very self?" A true education must take into account that this life is not the end, and therefore must take salvation and discipleship central to its curriculum. In essence what this means is that it must integrate our Biblical faith into the classroom.