Alliance of Christian Educators and Trainers (ACET)


Relationships with Christian Schools and Christian education organisations in Kenya and other parts of the world are also helping Logos Christian School to map the way forward. More significantly, however, is the Alliance of Christian Educators and Trainers (ACET). The alliance seeks to bring together stakeholders within the education sector who have a vision to raise and rebuild the foundations of Christian education in Kenya, East Africa and the world. ACET facilitates training for teachers in Christian schools and for parents who are home-schooling their children. Logos Christian School hosts the ACET office, and the Principal sits on the ACET Board of Directors. ACET plays a significant role in the direction Logos Christian School is taking in educating Christianly. All teachers at Logos Christian School are expected to take courses in Christian education offered by ACET. The courses are regularly facilitated by Christian Education professionals from Canada and the United States, professionals who have successfully chartered a path in Christian education and can therefore offer invaluable expertise and advice in light of their experience.

Vision and Mission of ACET

The Alliance of Christian Educators and Trainers (ACET) brings together stakeholders within the education sector who have a vision to raise and rebuild the foundations of Christian education, for the rising generations, so that they may be reconciled to God, to each other, and to creation; thereby glorifying Him as they fulfil their God-given purposes, serving Christ in every sphere of life, and building families, communities and nations on Biblical principles.

ACET's Objectives

ACET was formed in August 2003 for the following objectives:

1 Facilitation of training of Christian Educators including Teachers, School Boards and Administrators, Parents, Home-Schoolers, Pastors and Church leaders
2 Facilitation of Biblically based curriculum design and development for Christian Educators to integrate, adapt in their teachings.
3 Establishment of a membership and an accreditation programme for Christian schools to establish the standards and practices of Christian education.
4 Consultancy services in the areas of School Development, Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Christian school programmes.
5 Liaison with the Government, and specifically the Ministry of Education, on matters related to the development of education in general and Christian education in particular for the purpose of responsible citizenship.
6 Collaboration with similar organizations locally and internationally to promote the development of Christian Education.
7 Research and dissemination of information on the development and practice of Christian Education.
8 Organization of conferences to address issues in Christian Education. 
9 Raise resources to support the society.
10 Establish and maintain the sustainability of ACET.