Extra-Curricular Activities

Music and Art are integral parts of the learning at Logos. Children are encouraged to interact with these modes of expression. This begins all the way from the Kindergarten.


As part of the Music curriculum, the first instrument they learn is their voice. As the children progress to the Primary, they all learn to play the recorder. We also have a team learning other instruments of their choice. In the past two years, our students have participated in the Kenya Music Festival with excellent results. They have participated in Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Voice and Recorder.


In Art, the children learn to draw using the drawing pencils, use water colours, poster colours, pastels, model with clay and paper marché and make aquariums.

Class Trips

All classes also have class trips every term to further enrich their learning. This is one area in which parents are very involved in suggesting places to go as well as going with the children.