How Logos Started

Our History

The beginning of any ministry is usually a story of faith and passion, of struggle and challenge and determination.  Logos Christian School is no different.  It was first conceived in the hearts of the Elders of Nairobi Chapel as they framed the vision of the church for the new millennium.  The Lord laid upon their hearts the vision to establish institutions that would contribute to the raising of godly generations in the future – and where better to undertake that task than in a school, where the worldview and values of children are shaped so significantly.

After much foundational work in philosophy and pedagogy by Wambura Ngunjiri, a Nairobi Chapel intern with an education background, the first Board was commissioned in 2000, charged with the task of beginning a school.  At that point, the school didn’t even have a name – Nairobi Chapel School sufficed for a while.  The Board, all volunteers with busy lives and careers, poured their hearts, minds,  prayers and energy into the school….  foundational work in defining Christian education and the culture and ethos of the school, framing the vision and mission statements, budgets, staffing, curriculum, uniforms, premises, renovations, marketing, funding… It was a mammoth task with many setbacks and discouragements, but the Board soldiered on resolutely.

Initially it was hoped the school would be housed on the land owned by the Chapel on Ngong Road, but it soon became clear that the land was not going to be available for some time and the search for premises began.  Saturday mornings, lunch hours, after work, the Premises Sub-Committee would inspect houses, vacant schools and churches.  Eventually the search led to a former school on Chaka Road, which, with some creative renovation and sprucing up, looked like the ideal spot – and indeed it has been ideal.

Advertisements for teaching positions were posted in churches around the city, and over a hundred applications were received.  The Recruitment Sub-Committee went through each and every application, short-listing and finally holding interviews in early 2002.  What a great testimony to God’s leading as the interview panel had complete unanimity regarding the first group of teachers – 3 teachers (Tom Ouma, Esther Mwaura and Jeniffer Njuguna) and 3 assistant teachers (Jeniffer Asimwe, Dorina Atiti and Tom Okong'o). 

2002 was a busy year as the school, now with the head teacher, Leanne Wohoro, and administrator, Warigia Macharia, on staff, moved onto the premises, began to renovate, furnish and equip it, interview prospective parents, devise timetables, look for caterers, market the school at Nairobi Chapel and other churches, hold an orientation for new teachers, and undertake the myriad of other logistics and details involved in beginning and running a school.  And the school now had a name - Logos Christian School – signifying the centrality of the Word of God – the logos- in the school.

At the very core of all this activity was a passion to provide something different for the children of Christian families in Nairobi - a place where children could come every day and be loved and nurtured as they learnt about the things of God and His world; an environment that was joyful and bright and cheerful and warm, where each and every staff member was totally committed to the mission of the school, and where they also would find fulfilment and joy in their work and being part of the team and the vision.

On September 9, 2002, the doors opened to 23 children aged between 2 and 5, with much celebration and excitement.  Little did we know what lay ahead in terms of demand for places and that within 15 months we would be a double-streamed kindergarten with 120 children, six additional classrooms and many more staff.  

As the school has grown into a primary school, the challenges have continued, to provide a holistic Christian education and to keep understanding and implementing what it means to be a Christian school in the 21st Century with a vision and passion to educate for this life and for eternity.