Our Mission

The Mission of Logos Christian School is to provide a nurturing and Biblically based learning environment in which students from diverse backgrounds, and with diverse needs, encounter God and are discipled in the Christian faith, in order to raise a generation of transformed young people of excellence and of godly character who will be salt and light in the community; reaching out to the world with the redeeming love of Jesus Christ. The main objectives of Logos Christian School are:


• To encourage the development of the student’s relationship with Christ.
• To develop Christ-like character in the students.
• To enhance spiritual development and maturity in the students.
• To help students develop Christian values and ethics.
• To employ a staff team who exemplify Christ’s love and serve as an example to the learners.


• To provide students with activities that enhances critical thinking and analytical abilities.
• To provide education that will allow students to fit in or pursue further education in Kenya and out of Kenya.
• To stimulate expression of individual interests as well as acquisition of skills useful in future occupations.


• To equip students with skills that enable them to be responsible members of society.
• To awaken and cultivate cultural refinements of each student. To equip students with skills that help to transmit, preserve and further cultivate cultural appreciation.
• To enhance the acquisition of skills of leadership and social awareness in the students.
• To encourage and foster healthy interpersonal relationships that enable each student to thrive and flourish, in an environment of acceptance and love.


• To assist students through the different emotional growth stages and needs in a healthy, life- building way.
• To encourage emotional growth and maturity in each student and use all available resources to foster such growth.


• To make provision for the development of healthy bodies through physical exercise.
• To make students aware of health issues and their responsibility in enhancing their good health.
• To provide opportunities for participation in competitive sports within the school community as well as with other schools