Parental Involvement

Parents should be ready and willing to invest not just finances but time, value, emotions and skills. They should be able to support and motivate students and the school by word and deed. Parents are not only involved in the education process of their children, but also in the development of the school.

Parents who enrol their children at Logos Christian School make a commitment to attend school, class and family events, which includes parenting seminars.

Class Trips

Parents are required to sign a permission slip for their children before every class trip. Letters giving notification of planned class trips are sent home at least four days before such trips. The cost of each trip will also be included in the notification. The cost includes a standard amount that goes towards the upkeep of the bus and fuel, plus any entrance charges that may apply in each case.

Parents are welcome to accompany classes on trips; please arrange this with the class teacher ahead of time to facilitate planning.


All school letters and newsletters are sent home in student’s folders. Parents are requested to check their child’s folder everyday. All notes, money for trips and other important communication should come to school in your child’s folder. Sending verbal messages with your child is not encouraged.

School Diaries and Communication Notebooks

a) Notebooks are used in the Kindergarten for communication between parents and teachers. The notebook is always kept in the child’s folder, which should come to school everyday.

b) School diaries are used in the primary school for communication between parents and teachers. Each student is supplied with one and obliged to keep it neat and bring it to school everyday.

Completed School Work (Kindergarten)
Kindergarten class teachers regularly send home student ’s completed class work. It is important for parents to discuss their child’s work with them. Parents might comment on neat writing, praise colourful drawing, or ask questions about how the page or activity was completed. We encourage parents to be positive and value their children's work. It is important for your children to know that parents are interested in their school work.

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Individual parent conferences are scheduled for the middle of the first term and middle of third term. Parent conferences are also held on demand where need arises.