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  • The primary school is situated in the quiet neighbourhood of the University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus.


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Teaching and Learning in the Primary School: the National 8-4-4 curriculum with a "difference"

In the Primary School, re-working the curriculum to lay it on a Biblical foundation is critical. Thus, the challenge in the primary school is to teach the national 8-4-4 curriculum both creatively and Christianly; to teach in such a way that the children discover, think discerningly and critically, and learn in order to know and acknowledge God in all of life and discover their God-given purposes – and not only to pass exams.

Logos Christian School also provides opportunity for the child to develop holistically, with an emphasis both on character (godly virtues like excellence, honesty, hard work, service, kindness etc.) and the development of other skills and gifts in art, drama, sport, music and technical areas.

The vision of the school is not just for the good of the child, but also with the long term and bigger view of the nations, and the impact a Godly generation of young people can and must have on their communities and nations.

Primary School Hours
Classes begin at 8:00am everyday for all classes at the primary school.

School ends at 3:30pm for all classes at the primary school, except Friday when school ends at 3:00pm.


Assessment Tests and Exams

Students regularly sit for assessment tests. These are mainly to assist the teachers to gauge the level of competence and understanding for each student, and therefore act on shortcomings. Exams are held at the end of every term.

Standard eight pupils will sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE), which is the national secondary school entrance exam

Progress Reports
Progress reports are sent home at the end of every term for every child in both kindergarten and primary school.

Primary School Homework
Pupils get homework and/or projects at least four times a week. Each class has a homework schedule for the different subjects which the class teacher can give you.

School Bus Schedules
Bus routes and schedules are determined before the beginning of each term. Parents who sign up for school transport will receive this information by telephone and email as early as possible before each term begins. Download the current bus route schedule and costs.



a) A well balanced lunch is provided by the school caterer each day. This lunch includes a starch, a protein, vegetables and fruit.

b) School lunch is optional. Parents are free to provide packed lunch from home.

Parental Involvement
Parents should be ready and willing to invest not just finances but time, value, emotions and skills. They should be able to support and motivate students and the school by word and deed. Parents are not only involved in the education process of their children, but also in the development of the school. Parents who enrol their children at Logos Christian School make a commitment to attend school, class and family events, which includes parenting seminars.

Behaviour and Discipline
The goal of discipline is to disciple students in the ways of God. It is important that we help our students understand why unacceptable behaviour is wrong and the consequences that follow. We encourage students to do what is right because it is right and honours God. As we seek to live out our mission, it is important that the students understand clearly the boundaries that have been put in place to enhance a suitable learning environment for all and an atmosphere that encourages each one to attain their full potential. All children should be able to learn, and no child should keep another child from being able to learn. Teachers strive to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for the children in which they work and live as a Christian community.